Thankful Life

you and family. If you're having to work, it may be a bummer, but hey this too shall pass. On that note, I wanted to tell you, the fact that you're reading this means everything! Not that you want to see what I'm saying, but the fact that you're alive. Yeah alive! You woke up, ate food, looked around, got in your car, drove around, opened up your laptop, read whatever. Man, can I tell you I'm reminded of those who wish they could've been here in 2017 to enjoy the simple joys and disappointments of Life. I won't go any further, but to say take in everything around you. Appreciate those around. Relish in the situation you're in. It won't ever be exactly the same from year to year. Things can change very quickly in this life. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

XOXO Cynthia


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