Clear My Path

This is a throw back post, but wanted to remind you everyone on this earth is struggling with something in their lives that they have to work through. You have to pray or meditate or center yourself. Trust me you'll get through it ; just keep going reaching for your goals. You'll run into people who are consumed with trivial things. Stupid things will fall out of their mouths because they don't know what to say to you or how to approach you. I'm a woman, yes I am. I guess it's the most obvious thing about me in these different positions I've held? I guess? I'm a woman who loves life, I'm excited and I love other people genuinely. But after that, you don't ever ask about the year I spent as a tv news photographer, the four years I spent as a reporter for radio and television simultaneously, the years of acting classes, the 4 years spent as a news director, the 5 years I spent as a public affairs director, Years I spent hosting concerts, the 4 years I spent as a morning cohost, the two years spent doing traffic , Years booking commercials , the years combined hosting a public affairs show, the years spent as an anchor. years on a stage , years in a studio... and then this particular year on a basketball court entertaining as an announcer for some legendary guys. I'm an actor, announcer and a personality. It all goes together and runs in the same circles. I smile at you because I love this business and have been laying seeds all my life to be a major player. And well it's not for me to make you understand why I'm here. I understand myself. I know who I am, where I come from and I love myself, my kinky hair, my chocolate skin, my voice, my energy and sometimes my pudgy belly. But I love God above everything else. I don't apologize. My smiling, laughing and staying to myself at times has everything to do with being happy about the master plan and accomplishing what I was put on earth to do no matter what it is. I have a call to answer. I want to be accountable. How about you? Well then..... jump on board and lets continue this magic we all share.

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