Oprah And Hope Glimmers On Strong!

Happy Tuesday my friends. What is it that we call Tuesdays? Ah yeah Transformational Tuesdays. Well how appropriate following Oprah’s amazing #GoldenGlobes speech when she became the first black woman to receive the Golden Globes Cecil B. DeMille award. I say transformational because she acknowledged her being on such a large stage means more than just accepting an award. It is a moment that is impactful for those watching; for those alive to witness. Impactful for those who are still trying to find their power as they grow. Hell for those who have yet to be born. You see it, then you know you can achieve it. It's been done. Here is Oprah. A woman, a black woman, a once little girl from the south. To me she was as she said speaking her truth and damnit; it was freaking amazing. I get it it's where you strength is. For us adults and in some cases for teenagers speaking your truth is not easy. Sometimes you’re worried about what someone else might think or even worse; what they may do to you if you speak up. Everyone doesn’t appreciate truth and or want to self reveal in fear that it shows how dark they really are. I, like many other women and men have worked in male dominated and male controlled corporate companies. I’ve been met with anger and unspeakable candor because I was young, black, educated and a woman in this work environment trying to climb the ladder. We all have. What is most important is that a veil has been lifted. As Oprah put it “ A New Day Is On The Horizon”. My people, my magnificent women and phenomenal men you have to maintain hope. One thing that Oprah gave us on that stage was hope. As long as you have that, you’ll continue to push and push and push believing things will get better and that you will have what you want and what you need. https://www.cynthiamallard.com

Love You


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