Rainbow At The End

Hi my peeps! Its the weekend right. I hope you're enjoying yourself. I am kicked back relaxing. I had a tough week. Oh my God just simply tough. Many things just didn't work out the way I planned them. Man can I tell you my heart dipped so far to the ground. that feeling where you can't sit, you can't turn left or right. Wishing that you could just start the day over. Anyway that particular day went on and it was bill paying time. I went down my list and came to one bill I've had for long time. A student loan. Yeah I had one too. But this week I paid it off. Like done. Like no more. Can I tell you I shed a tear. Yes because I'm done and so happy God allowed me to pay off someone who let me borrow money to better myself in life. I literally thought I'm going to die owing this. But I got up danced a little, praised the lord and laughed. That particular day was stressful, but I ended the day with a rainbow; some amazing hope.


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