Family Reunited!

Good Evening my folks! How are you on this Black Panther Awakening? Yes, I said Black Panther Awakening. Of course this is the week following the Worldwide opening or premiere of Marvel's Black Panther. No doubt you've been flooded with the images of the so many premieres around the world showing us in regal African attire to celebrate Black Panthers success and its deeper than deep meaning. I'll chime in with millions of brothers and sisters and ament to the fact that it was a film or experience that was an illustrious display of us for us. By us I mean it was people of African descent gracing the film stage in amazing roles as Kings and Queens who were family, who headed the most technologically advanced society in the world, who embodied what it means to be a true family of love, respect, character, morals....success. It was so human and so worthy of who we are as a people. We as a race have endured some of the worst conditions that can be inflicted upon another person. It was good for our children to know this is where your ancestors are from, this is the land your ancestors used to walk upon, these are some of the positions you held in society. Little ones have to see it to know they can achieve it. So many of the billionaires of other races will tell you, they saw their father or mother living as a doctor, as a business owner, as an astronaut as a board member. Its how they knew their worth and what they were capable of. Everyone needs to have someone who looks like them to look up to. Our children need to see us as pilots, as kings, queens, engineers, actors, investment bankers, farmers. If they only see themselves as slaves its defeat at the very beginning. Its a reality that so many of us have overcome. I always say God is watching and wrongs will be " Righted". The least of you shall rise always. This movie not only lifted a dim cloud over people of color but it also served to show a race that we can live together, cooperating, in unity and with respect. I was so happy that I along with others donned my African garb , set up glamour shots and rejoiced just to attend the Black Panther movie. Many laughed at us, but many of us who participated knew the dress was much more than a fashion statement. This movie and movement as its' being called runs deep and has a special meaning for people who were shackled, transported overseas, stacked like plates in a box, enslaved, culture stripped , family members sold to the highest bidder, religion removed all for the love of wealth. We are were and are still lost. But I'm confident we are finding our way back that it feels like a family reunion. Did someone say " Electric Slide Time".Till next time.


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