Your Body Holds The Key

Hi Five! How are you doing on this day? Feeling tired? Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling great? Feeling overjoyed? Or could you be the one feeling frustrated? Whatever the feeling, I need to let you know you are poppin; yes without the G. You are popping because you are present in life, aware of what's going on. Hopefully you're making a contribution in some way whether you're guiding young children, negotiating deals in the boardroom or commentating in your own television show. Listen the feelings that I mentioned earlier are emotions I go through every day... well most days. In this world sometimes it is a struggle for us women to be heard in the way we would like to be heard. We ask ourselves wasn't I very clear when I sent this message out to family, friends, boyfriends, co-workers. Sometimes people don't get the hint. Actually most don't get the subtle hints. In this life right now you have to speak and act very purposeful, very direct with a mission in mind. I say all that to say the message you want to send isn't only in what you say, you have to get them legs, arms, booty, head, heart and mind to embody your message. There is truth to the belief a persons actions will tell you who they are. You can fool yourself and sometimes others with what you say, but them actions tell you what's most important to them, what they are willing to sacrifice and who they are at the core of their being. So sisters commit your message in your body and mind to do. Do something a little different. Move into another space. Once the new actions have taken place, you'll see a different reaction from those around you. Some may choose to leave you alone, but some may be attracted to help you to move to a different platform. Whatever happens, you've moved closer to where you are supposed to be in this glorious life.

Love you much Cynthia

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