Fear Vs Adventure!

Hep peeps! Another week gone right? Right! I want to say thank you to all of you who have reached out to me to say hello and ask me questions about the career I hold now and the ones I've been fortunate to have in the past. Okay I'm coming clean. I will confess over the years I've received request for me to teach some of the things I've learned over the years in various media, sports and entertainment jobs. Honestly it has been something that I instantly ran away from. I assumed that most people know what I know, have done what I have done in life and so on and so on. It's not that I'm ignoring you, I have just really felt like "What do I have to say? and what I know, is it real? Yes,Yes, Yes, I know. I told you all of us go through self doubt sometimes. But I'm quick to rebound with a quick glimpse of my life and where I've bounced to and fro. So to answer your questions... many of your inbox messages have led me to this venture I have launched and that's really just giving out a little of the knowledge I hold through the art of vlogging. Umm hmm. Basically it's info that I've learned just living and trying to be authentic in this world with a toddler, husband, bills, and so much going on in the background. Boyeee I've fallen off a million times, but then I feel as though I've rebounded a million times too. I've chosen to leave opportunities, chosen to start new opportunities. With each move there has been so much fear. The kind of fear that can lead to tears and also paralysis. But with all that said each move I've consulted with the all knowing father. I jump and God provides the net. So this is a risk for me. But I believe in sharing what I know for the betterment of others who may want to follow. If I can help that's what I want to do. Again I thank you for your encouragement. Maybe you'll take something away from it or maybe not anyway you look at it you're now on my Studio Set Stage bus. Next top... the top.

Love you!

Cynthia Mallard

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