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I woke up to a chilly start this morning. As usual I got my Dunkin Donuts coffee and my cream cheese bagel to warm me. Ah yes, the best breakfast in the world...well to me of course. Me and mama would go get breakfast on the weekends and we always had to have our bagels and cream cheese from the local deli that was next to our projects. So let me get to it. This morning guys I sat in the truck and cried. Uncontrollable tears. I was listening to the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as it was being played on my former station V103 and WAOK. Let me tell you for some reason I heard his words differently today; today the 50th anniversary of his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee. King was a real person, not some ethereal being untouchable. A real person just like you and me who viewed his ideas as something that could actually materialize into reality. He believed in those principles of racial equality, social justice, economic equality, human rights. Listening to his thought process; to what he fought for and to see and hear everyday about the mass shootings, family violence and our children who are being shot down in the street just because. That brought tears to my eyes and I was literally like, 'Are you freaking serious?" We have to do more. I have to do more. He was assassinated, but his work, his words, his blueprint had been revealed and passed on to forge a nation ahead. We have to live the life and principles that we want our children to follow in. Let me tell you, we all are dealing with everyday life circumstances; health/ mental health issues, job issues, transportation issues, income issues, child issues, parent issues. They won't go away. This is called life and we push through them that's what my mama told me and instilled in me. I've veered as we all do, but it is important to learn, get back on track at some point in life; whether it be next week or 20 years from now. It is tough, but we always have help. Dr. King reminds us there is an inner spirit, an inner drive to push. Like we say come through to our snatched bodies or our hot wardrobe. We have to say come through spirit on our children and things that are much more important than getting our nails done or having the hottest kicks. Our next generation is depending on us. How will they know if we don't tell them and drive it into them.

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