Mental Health In Church!

Good Sunday Evening!

How you doing this moment? So May is Mental Health Awareness month. It is an occurrence that we all have been touched by. Whether we our selves or with someone in our family or a close friend; we have heard or experienced its dibilitating effects. Im not writing a long dissertation on mental health. But what I am doing is passing on what what was discussed this morning during my church service. Let me tell you, we as a people feel like its okay to hide away with our mental illness conditions. Some people feel anxiety is not real, that it will pass on its' own. Some may even think I can't tell anyone about the voices I'm hearing, because that will make me look crazy or people will think I'm crazy. That all we need is to go to God or meditate and things will be better. I was reminded by my pastor today it is needed to meditate, to pray, but a person in a depressed state, one who is dealing with anxiety, one who mentally ill should also rely on the physical things that God has allowed to help us in these fragile states. Whether it be counseling or prescription medication, there are methods to help keep your mind and body strong and thriving. First things first. One... Acknowledge what you're going through to yourself. Two......Tell someone what you're experiencing. Three... Know that someone will be better for what you have shared. I love you all and it's true; we are our brothers keeper.


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