Skating By Obstacles

Hey this is for you, yes you....if you’re feeling like you’re not getting it right or if you’re feeling like quitting. Many of you know I roll or as some might say roller skate . It’s fun, a fitness component for me and overall just freeing.

It takes me back to my youth in NYC when I would get dropped off at the skating rink for kid skate parties. I had forgotten this is what I grew up on. Remembering back my mom had brought me the old school metal adjustables that I would grind up and down the Brooklyn pavement. God they were like super loud. I can imagine everyone on every floor of our 32 story building could hear me coming and going. But it’s one of the things that I do and that I like to share with others.

I watch some who fall and tumble. I did the same at first and still do if I have an off day. But I’m always reminded Cynthia get up, learn from that mistake and keep going. Each lap around the rink is different. You move different, there’s a different beat, there’s different peeps to roll by, and of course there’s different obstacles that might be laying on the floor. It is the same scenario in life in general.

Everyday you don’t know what will be in front of you, but you practice, work on a mistake little by little, come up with new plans, move pass who’s not here or with you, you say a prayer or encourage yourself so that when the beat changes, when peeps change or when there’s a pothole you know how to spin smoothly away or jump over the problem or even slow walk to the side. Everyday that you work, you’re getting better to be a blessing to someone else.

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